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Augmented Reality


At Bit Bytes Solutions we have new tools that will boost the sales of your physical products to a new level, standing out completely from the competition, and allowing you to give a more complete shopping experience to your customers.

Ecosystem of Augmented Reality Solutions

We boost sales of physical products through Augmented Reality. Allow your customers to interact in a closer way with your products. From the smallest product such as mugs to the largest product such as mobile homes. We offer a service tailored to the needs of each customer.

At the same time, this service is integrated to our ecosystem of services, allowing you to analyze how many people use this utility and measure the level of interest with your augmented reality products.

Who is this service dedicated to?

This service is designed to be able to work with 3 types of clients, each one attended in a personalized way according to the technological point in which your company is, and these are shown below:

Companies and Factories

Dedicated to online commerce of physical products or directly through stores.


Dedicated to Dropshipping that want to show their customers the products they sell.

Architecture Studios and Construction Companies

Who wish to project their designs in augmented reality for a better understanding of their clients.

Do you have doubts if this service can work for your company?
Check out our FAQ section or contact us.

How does this service work?

This service works in a simple way, just follow these steps:

  • Contact us

    This will allow us to connect with you, understand your business, products or designs, and give you the most personalized service possible.

  • Define Products or Designs

    We must define which products or services will be taken to augmented reality, whether to define different properties of the designs such as transparencies, textures, among others.

  • Design or Convert

    We model your physical products and plans to obtain a 3D version, or we also convert your designs already created to adapt them to Augmented Reality.

  • Integration

    With your E-Commerce or Web of our Ecosystem or any external website.

  • Enjoy the Results

    Let your customers enjoy this new way of interacting with your products.

Augmented Reality compatible with everyone

We have developed a practical and easy to implement solution. This is an API which is compatible with all E-Commerce and websites, no matter how they were developed and without the need to install plugins or add-ons. Just insert our code snippet and you will be set up. If you do not know how to insert this code, our engineers will be able to assist you in whatever you need.


We boost customers all over the world


Let’s get in touch to empower you!

Our ecosystem is designed to power businesses through Augmented Reality for E-Commerce. Leave us these three simple details and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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